Beginner Wing Chun Kung Fu
Dynamic Defense's Beginner Wing Chun classes are an ideal activity to improve fitness, energy & confidence. Release stress as you learn the world's most powerful martial art. See Wing Chun History for our origin.

 Gain Confidence
 Strength, Fitness, Balance
 Fun Workouts, never boring
 Learn Life-saving Skills
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13th year of Excellence

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Dec 2013 is a Great Time to Start
Learn the best way to defend yourself while getting the fastest path to a lean, energized mind and body. Enjoy classes that relieve stress while offering a path to consistent and measurable self improvement.

 This is the real thing. Learn the most effective defense for any situation (standing, kneeling, ground, grappling, weapons). Anyone can do it.

Call in Dec 2013 to take advantage of our Beginner Offer.
A free private & group lesson to start you on the path to a better you.

What You Get From Our Classes
Confidence, Balance
Stress Release
Goal Oriented Exercise
Weight Loss & Muscle Gain
Improve Performance in Other Activities
Decrease Injuries in Other Activities
Increase Self Esteem & Assertiveness
Feel Safer about Personal Defense
Better Focus & Effectiveness at Work
Improved Communication Skills
Ability to Calmly Think Clearly During Stress
Goal Setting

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