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Dynamic Defense offers the finest kung fu on Vancouver Island. Our proven teaching methods will help you master the world's most effective martial art. Come to our Victoria BC location to learn powerful self defense while having serious fun improving confidence, fitness & strength.

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Learning Wing Chun is the best way to gain confidence, fitness and life-saving skills. Dynamic Defense is the best place to learn with a time-tested system to ensure success. Our classes relieve stress while offering a path to consistent and measurable self improvement. Our Intro Program is the best way to get started.

As popularized by Ip Man, Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan, Wing Chun kung fu is the world's most effective self defense because it allows you to dissolve attacks from bigger, stronger attackers.

This is the real thing. After a few classes, you'll also know that it's a fun, energizing activity that will work for you. Become your best. Anyone can do it.

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